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Trobu bust you up by ziear Trobu bust you up :iconziear:ziear 3 0 Raz and his bae Rubi by ziear Raz and his bae Rubi :iconziear:ziear 3 3 Dyzzcat by ziear Dyzzcat :iconziear:ziear 3 0 Mama Bear Bust by ziear Mama Bear Bust :iconziear:ziear 5 0 Og and Kitt by ziear Og and Kitt :iconziear:ziear 2 0 Brugran Bust by ziear Brugran Bust :iconziear:ziear 6 0 Dyzz the Orc Devourer by ziear Dyzz the Orc Devourer :iconziear:ziear 3 5 Night Elf Hunter and Stag by ziear Night Elf Hunter and Stag :iconziear:ziear 1 0 Zhinkai Commission by ziear Zhinkai Commission :iconziear:ziear 4 0 My Wee moo by ziear My Wee moo :iconziear:ziear 6 0 TrobuchocolatesTrobu Chocolates by ziear TrobuchocolatesTrobu Chocolates :iconziear:ziear 1 0 Tamatala warrior shaman by ziear Tamatala warrior shaman :iconziear:ziear 2 0 Tama scribble by ziear Tama scribble :iconziear:ziear 5 1 Troll Dameyen by ziear Troll Dameyen :iconziear:ziear 2 0 No name survival hunter by ziear No name survival hunter :iconziear:ziear 3 0 So not canon by ziear So not canon :iconziear:ziear 4 0

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About posting in DeviantArt in future.
I've come across yet again with some issues with DeviantArt's policy concerning art thefts and I'm really growing so tired of this site and it's shitty policies, that I'm going to delete most of my old posts here and also be very careful in the future what I will post in here. It is both disheartening and tiring to constantly run into same problem and when it is as large scale as it in DeviantArt, I can pretty much find no excuse to support or tolerate site like this anymore.
However, this also brings me a dilemma concerning my commissions. I need to do them and for doing them I need my followers, so I'm honest and admit that is the only reason why I don't delete my whole gallery here yet again. I highly recommend you to follow my art Tumblrs (SketchBook and official ArtBook) and considering to support me in Patreon where is at least a sligh
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One thing I constantly run into and what I’ve talked about with people over and over again when talking about learning to draw, is use of time. 
Time is always limited because there are so many things we all have to do (if nothing else, we all need to sleep). The thing just is we can usually choose what we do after all the ‘must do-things’ have been done. That is our free time we can use on what we want.
So, next time when you want to draw, draw. If you choose to play, play, but don’t complain later you didn’t have time for drawing. You did, you just chose to do something else instead. Having hobbies is extremely important and it is important to enjoy what we do. Constantly doing something what makes you regret later isn’t very clever. 
To become good at something takes practice and practice takes time. Some need less time than others, but everyone has to take their time. Regretting later is waste of energy. When you want to play, play. Whe
:iconmonstermyrr:MonsterMyrr 4 2
Morning Mur by MonsterMyrr
Mature content
Morning Mur :iconmonstermyrr:MonsterMyrr 40 27


Trobu bust you up
Is this considered mature if there's blood? And Trobu nipples? Bah. Oh well. My Amani berserker! So gruff and deadly yet, so... so so dumb. He's nice! I promise!
Raz and his bae Rubi
This was like... the laziest piece. Didn't even do line art and Rubi is the wrong height. (Rubi is actually taller then Raz) but I really just wanted to color. XD
Mama Bear Bust
This turned out much darker than I meant it to but I still love it. My Sunwalker paladin, Skamato "Bear" Sunstone. She's an older female, lived through the campaign in Northrend and on. She's a wise, sweet soul with a heart that wants to do right. But make no mistake, she didn't get the name Bear by being cuddly.
Og and Kitt
This was a commission I did for a guildie and his friend's characters. MY FIRST GNOME Y'ALL. And Dwarf. 
DA has a shitty community. There's no getting past that. But theft happens everywhere. And a good friend of mine told me the real story but I still stand firm. I've deleted anything that didn't have my own water mark. Everything. Things I don't even have on my computer anymore. But I'd rather them gone forever then stolen or "owned" by some shitty art site.

IF... Huge if here kids... If I post anything else, you bet your ass it'll have MY water mark on it. 

Besides, I've found much more awesome people over on tumblr. More then I have here in years.

Come read stories and see trolls on or catch me Horde side on WrA or MG. For the Horde. <3
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Dat Raz Moad
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Current Residence: Thunderbluff Or SW FL take your pick. :3
Favourite genre of music: Too many to name?
Favourite style of art: Color pencil, water color & adobe photoshop

About me: I have been an ‘anthro artist’ since before I knew what it was called. I am not a furry nor do I draw furry art. I am an anthro artist. <--Click the link! I have lots of stories and characters of my own. I am very happily married to my husband of 9 years.



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silvershot10 Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
ziear Featured By Owner May 28, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
O...M....G... It's a Kirfkin! :D Long time no see buddy! How ya been? Still play WoW?
silvershot10 Featured By Owner May 29, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Heh... Spiraling depression. Working two jobs at the moment, off school for the summer. Graduate in a year for comp sci and a math minor.
ziear Featured By Owner May 29, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh geez. :C I remember you were having a tough time when we spoke a few years ago. I'm so sorry. *Hugs* And it sounds like you've got to be stressed as all hell. I know it's hard and sometimes everything just seems so bleak but you have to find something positive. You are off school for the summer so that at least one less thing to stress about. I also know working two jobs is stressful as hell but make sure to take time off for just you. And either just relax or do something you enjoy to take your mind off things. The other good thing is that you only have a year of school left! :D Once you've gotten through that all this hard work should pay off. At the very least you wont have school anymore. Keep your chin up okay? I've been in a bad depression before so I personally know my words are not easy by any means. But just know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And you will get through this.
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